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ESD Travels LLC's Commitment to Copyright Compliance and Intellectual Property Rights

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), ESD Travels LLC maintains a Designated Agent to handle copyright-related claims. Our DMCA registration number is DMCA-1057477. Please follow DMCA guidelines when reporting any instances of copyright infringement.

Please review the following essential information regarding copyright policies and practices at ESD Travels LLC:


USA Copyright Office DMCA Designated Agent Directory:

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Attributions and Citations:

ESD Travels LLC upholds the intellectual property rights of its users, and all content shared on our website is done so under the fair use doctrine. If you believe any content infringes on your copyrighted work, please communicate your claims to us for appropriate resolution.

Should you utilize any material from ESD Travels LLC for educational or research purposes, we kindly request proper citations and attributions to acknowledge the original source.

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